The Lord of the Flies- This is a review of the film, for a film class.

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This is a disappointment to say the least. It does not live up at all to the caliber of the worldwide acclaimed novel by William Golding. If you have not read the novel you might be able to find this to be a guilty pleasure. In a strange way the movie is so bad it is

good. It ends up being a comical masterpiece, but seeing that the moviemakers were not aiming for it to be like that it is in reality just an awful piece of cinema history.

First, I'll get to the good parts of the movie. This is the hardest part to accomplish seeing that there are so little high points. The original score of the movie is very simple yet very addictive at the same time. It'll end up being stuck in your head all day. The movie was shot in Puerto Rico so there is at least one attractive thing to look at in the movie.

The dialogue is good too seeing that most of it was taken directly from the novel. Unfortunately the dialogue could have been used much more effectively if they hired kids who could actually act. The most dramatic moment of the movie is at the end when Ralph is being chased by Jack and the rest of the wild idiots. I was surprised after suffering for 1 and ½ hours to then be treated to an entertaining scene. You can sense the fear and panic in Ralph's eyes while he close to being mauled until he is rescued by the naval officer. Now that I have stated the effective parts, I can go on to the majority of the movie.

Next, where do I get started? In the novel, you cared for the characters and would hope they would...