The Lord of the flies, By William Golding. Essay that contrsts views on nature between Simon and Jack. Instructions: To BRIEFLY create an essay contrasting the vies of nature between Jack and Simon.

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In the book called The Lord of the Flies, many children face challenges on an island after a plane crash. Jack and Simon, along with many other people must learn to live and adapt with the environment on the island. Jack and Simon contrast in their views of nature.

Jack seems to have very ugly views of nature, like something that gets into the way. Jack sees nature as something that has to provide something: food, water or shelter for him, and should be nothing more.

Jack sees the forest as an ugly place in which to be. He hates the sights, the sounds and the thought of being in that environment.

". . . the trail, frustration claimed him again . . . By the trunk of a vast tree that grew pale flowers."

Jack also sees the forest as something that is required to provide him with things in order to survive, as if that was nature's only purpose.

He thinks that nature should "earn it's keep" by providing him with what he wants.

"Jack flushed. 'We want meat.' . . . 'We want meat and we don't want to get it.' " -Page 51.

Simon seems to have a very high respect for nature. He seems to love everything about it and is fascinated with its existence. This is very different than Jack's point of view, since Jack seemed to have an extreme frustration, and unappreciative views of the forest.

Simon loves the forest, because of its beauty. He loves the way it glimmers in the daytime, and is beautiful throughout the night. He shows this in the way he walks.

"Simon walked with an accustomed tread through the acres of the fruit trees . . . Flower and fruit grew together on the beautiful trees."...