"Macbeth" - "The construction of Macbeth in different media for different audiences involves much more than the adaptation of ideas and form."

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The different versions of "Macbeth" in various types of media does not just involve the adaption of ideas and form. It involves the different depiction of play interpretation, freedom of expressing one's self or the lack of it, the directors' and writer's points of view and the significance of theme portrayal by the writers and directors as they find suitable. Each production of Macbeth expresses the feelings of its time and culture and this is visible in the poem "Not Exactly Macbeth" by Andrew Mackmurdo and in Roman Polanski's 1971 film, "Macbeth".

The way the writers and directors of the various adaptations of Macbeth interpret it involves more than just altering the form and basic ideas of the original production. It involves the writer/director expressing their own feelings and point of view on how they believe the play is meant to be interpreted. Polanski presents his vision of Shakespeare's classic play as a lust for power and its bloody consequences.

He gave us this interpretation through a barbaric atmosphere and graphic violence. Polanski shows the actual murder scene of Duncan very graphically when the murder takes place in a large chamber style bedroom. Even by today's standards, this is a very graphic scene. No doubt that the graphic forms of violence was influenced by the tragic family murder of his wife. Thus, Polanski has used personal experience to influence the way he believes the play should be understood However, Polanski defends all the violence shown in his film because he believes that is the way the play should really be interpreted and therefore, he is being true to the genre. Another way that Polanski has interpreted an aspect of Macbeth quite differently to the play is Lady Macbeth is portrayed as a kind, angelic looking woman, whereas in the...