Malcolm X

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In May 19, 1925, Malcolm "X" Little was born in Omaha, Nebraska. When Malcolm was a young boy his mother had told him how racist violence had threatened his family before he was born. When Malcolm finished fourth grade his father, Earl "Early" Little was preaching down by the "Universal Negro Improvement Association" (U.N.I.A). Out of all his brothers and sisters, he was the one that attended the U.N.I.A meetings with his father. Malcolm's uncle was lynched during an activity organized by the U.N.I.A .The reason Malcolm's uncle was lynched was because the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) thought he was an "Uppity Niger". The last time Malcolm had seen his father was when he was six years old. His father was found lying across a street corner with his head bashed in. Many of the urban community said that he was killed by a certain group from the KKK that had burned down their house1 two years before.

As Malcolm got older, he became increasingly poor until he found his way to Boston. When Malcolm arrived in Boston he found a job shinning shoes at the Roseland state Ballroom. He came to Boston in some old high-water pants and ended up in a new Zoot Suit. Once Malcolm got the feeling for Boston, he became a Pullman porter. Malcolm had been waiting and anticipating the moment when he would be able to see big musicians and other big shots. Since Malcolm was from Michigan the word had spread around the ballroom. They eventually called him "Detroit red". They gave him a street name because Malcolm was an eighth-grade drop out and a drug dealer. He was later caught for possession of stolen property and served 10 years in jail.

Malcolm served his time in Charles State Prison. In that prison...