How a man tried to kill my mother

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Suddenly I was by a loud scream. It was definitely a woman's voice. No! No! please stop she shouted at the top of her voice. By then I could realize it was my mothers voice. A brief glance at a clock revealed that it was just pass midnight.

I can recall that it was intensely humid July night. I remembered well since I had just celebrated my 16th birthday just a few days ealier.

I can't belive they are fighting again I told myself. Hardly two weeks have passed by since my mother sustained a sprained finger as she attempted to avoid a blow to her face. It was one of those unpleasent episodes against her and her boyfriend.

I knew I would have to take matters into my own hands so I got a knife and walked to my mothers room.

When I quickly opened the door I ran and stabbed my mothers boyfriend.

All of the sudden my mother and I started to rejoice.

We took his old body and mailed to my grandparents where they can sell all the parts of the bodies to the unkown.

TO BE COUNTINED...........