Marketing from a Health Care Perspective

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There is also marketing in health care wherein the exchange of ideas, goods & services among individuals are present. They both focus on consumer's satisfaction which is not limited to the patients but also on physicians and other health care organizations. It requires understanding of the many consumer's unlimited wants and needs which is done through research which composes of collecting data to identify the consumer's needs and wants and that is one of the Health Care Marketing's dilemma because the society today doesn't know to differentiate their needs from their wants and practitioner must satisfy these or the consumers will find another facility that offers these services and in that case the practitioners has to avoid and to make profit.

Marketing is composed of 4P's which are Product, Price, Place and Promotion to help identify a consumer's demand. There are two types of planning, the first one is the Non-marketing driven planning wherein a product is sold first before finding buyers to use the service which is quite risky because the effect is still unknown and you have to gamble to know if you made the right decision.

You must be very good in forecasting to be able to reach success in this kind of planning. This type of planning is also otherwise known as the internal-external development process. Unlike the marketing-driven planning which has to go through an extensive research and planning first before engaging and selling a product which is called the external-internal development approach.

An organization must also be sensitive to three factors: Stakeholders, environmental factors that pertain to regulatory, social, technological, economic, and competitive factor, and most importantly the society.

Another vital part of marketing is to know who the target market is. In the past, the target market are the people that steps...