Marketing Tools, Means and Devices.

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The middle of the Marketing Spectrum encompasses all of the major and minor marketing activities, tools, means and devices used implicitly or explicitly by any nonprofit organization within its overall marketing program

The definition of a marketing tool or device is as follows: Any activities, steps, facilities or materials which impact in any major or minor way the process of marketing or communicating the organization to any of its targeted market segments.

Given this broad definition, marketing tools and devices naturally encompass scores of factors or variables including the following:

1. The name of the organization,

2. The letterhead,

3. The logo,

4. Organizational brochures, annual reports and other printed materials,

5. The organizational videotape,

6. What is said about the organization?

7. All of the ways (media) used to communicate anything to any of the target audiences,

8. The marketing, public relations and outreach budgets,

9. Funding proposals and exhibits, and,

10. Meetings with targeted individuals and groups

Summary: The Value of the Marketing Spectrum

The marketing spectrum is itself a useful tool, helping board members and others focus the extent to which their nonprofit organization can use a wide array of marketing tools and devices to more effectively relate to both the natural constituency and targeted funding sources.

Analysis and planning facilitated through an understanding of marketing are more likely to be effective if the management of the nonprofit organization is perceived as fundamentally a marketing endeavor.


Excellent public relations ideas are often triggered by a consideration of the many means or vehicles for publicity, which may be available and affordable to, your organization. Exciting ideas can be stimulated if a creative and stimulating group of people brainstorms ways in which your organization might utilize many of the following...