Is the media largely responsible for violent crimes?- Expository Writing Choose Either Pro/Con - I chose PRO:

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Thesis - 2 Body Paragraphs

Period 1

Expository Writing

Is the media largely responsible for violent crimes?

The media, except for doing the crimes themselves, are somewhat responsible for some of the crimes that take place. Whenever a crime takes place, the media is there, whether it's with a news-crew or a pen and pencil, somehow the events are on the news the next day.

Because there is the publicity with a guarantee of headline news on the morning paper, or on TV, some criminals will choose to do their crimes solely for getting this publicity. In someway the large media covering the crime is responsible and is not just going over the crime, but also it is one of the motives of the crime. The media companies CNN, FOX NEWS, NBS, are always fighting to get to the story first, and the bigger the crime that the criminal does, the more that it stays on the air, almost like the reward or a rating of how big the criminals crimes are, rated by the news people.

There is the other side of the media, which does not contain people with business suits covering headline stories. This side of the media includes the entertainment area, and for some it contains violence. The audience desire and love to see big-time explosions, fast-action bullet scenes, and kung-fu violence. Because of all of these guarantee big-hits, the media has responded and has given in with all of these violent acts. Somebody on the other end, let's call him criminal x, has or knows an access to the firepower, guns, and kung-fu stars. They can get them off the streets, and following the "cool" media violence, which looks so good; the viewer starts to imitate these scenes. These scenes, which by the way,