MGT350 Decision in Paradise I

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Decisions in Paradise I



Kava is an island country in the South Pacific. The island is a not a travelers paradise as one would think. No white beaches, palm trees, or perfect scenery. Kava has been devastated with many acts of natural disasters over the years. Johnson Controls wants to build a building efficiency plant on the island to assist the community in Kava as well as the stakeholders. Kava government agencies have implemented incentives for Johnson Controls to do business on the island, such as corporate tax breaks, and low cost licensing. Johnson Controls Incorporated (2011) is a global diversified industrial leader serving 150 countries, I recommend for JCI to invest in Kava development. This paper will define the key issues in Kava and the forces in the formulation of the problem. In addition, the organizational and environmental obstacles that will influence key stakeholders.

Kava Facts

Kava is one of many islands nestled in the South Pacific Ocean. The people and the native language of Kava are a mixture of French, Chinese, African, and Spanish. After the WWII, the island has been very friendly to the tourist who comes over from The United States. The population is more than 50% of the locals are under the age of 15. Religious dominations is Islamic, Buddhist, and Christian are the most active on the island of Kava. Kava's economic division acquires revenue from coffee, petroleum, spices, cocoa, bananas sugar, tourism, fishing, natural gas, and low-price quality labor from the natives.

Kava Development Issues

Johnson Controls must consider impending troubles and investment developments as a potential long-term presence in Kava. The island has been a victim of natural catastrophic disasters over the recent years. Kava environmental forces are tsunami, floods, earthquakes, avian flu, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other disasters.