Of Mice and Men

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Movies and books have similar and very different values that each other share and contrast with. Most movies are 'undetailed' compared to the book versions. Movies tend to shorten because of allowed time while books can be as long as they want, if the author can keep the reader in suspense. Some books have much more detailed information in it than the movie version. A good author can make a reader see what they are reading in their head, as a 'virtual' movie. That is what separates them from each other. John Steinbeck is the author of the novel Of Mice and Men. The film director of the reproduced Of Mice and Men movie is Gary Sinice. Of Mice and Men has three parts to it, it has a plot, a theme and a Characterization to it, as does the movie.

George and Lennie always wanted to own a farm of their own, where they could work for themselves and be self dependent.

They didn't have enough money at the time to start the farm, but they did have the willpower. The only way they could think of raising money is to go to work on another farm and to save up for their dream.

At the new farm they worked on Lennie proved very quickly what a good hand he was. What he was told he would do, and, he could do twice what the other men could do. Many people said things about him. They said how he had 'paws' instead of hands and how he was a giant. George was Lennies' hero in a sense. Lennie loved George with all his heart, whatever George said, Lennie would do. One thing that would never leave Lennies mind was their dream, the dream of the farm with rabbits he...