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Monster The Autobiography of a L.A. Gang Member Entry #1: "Hey, alright, I quit. I'm only thirteen, can't we talk?" This Quote is when Monster, De, Snoopy, and Stone were being chased by Bloods in a hardware store . They were being chased because a Blood got shot by some Crips but it had nothing to do with Monster or his homeboys. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. This quote was what Monster was thinking when the Bloods were beating DE with axe handles. I can relate to this when one of the homeboys shot a scrap and we caught the blowback. We got shot at and guns pulled on us. I thought they was gonna fuck me up for what happened so, I carried various straps. I thought to myself the exact same thing as Monster.

Entry #2: "It's not a rag, Mom, it's a Flag!" This quote is when Monster and his Mom were going to a store in a free fire zone.

She asked him why he doesn't put that old rag away. He replies that it is not a rag it is a flag. This shows his seriousness and detication to his set. My mom does not believe me when I say I cannot go certain places because people hate me. She just thinks I don't want to go.

Entry #3: "Take your ass in the house. Don't you know there is a war going on." Monster said this to his sister after he was shot at. People that are around don't always know what is happening so intelligence is life and ignorance is death.

Entry #4: There is no Quote I can think of.

Entry #5: "My brother said that he could not stand to see me in such a state. We wanted to communicate our feeling but neither of us knew how." I understand this because I could not stand to see my brother shot up. He is my hero and Monster was Lil' Monster's hero.

Entry #6: "This is Eighty Third street, Muthafucker." This is when Monster and his brother were eating breakfast and a possible shooter passed there house. They ran from the house to the car and pointed their shotguns at the shooters. Click. The gun was on safety. I thought this was funny but it had no real impact on the story.

Entry #7: "We are both crips and we had no business fighting." This Quote is when Cyco Mike and Monster were fighting for leadership of the Juvenile tank. Monster won. Entry #8: "Wasn't nobody on the street but police and fools, police not giving a fuck and fools doomed by their own ignorance." This is when Monster gets off the bus from jail. He took the wrong bus home and was now on his worst enemy hood, the Rollin' Sixties, border with the Black P. Stone Bloods.

Entry #9: "You"¦you will get them, won't you, sir?" Monster said this to a cop after he gave them a fake report when he was shot for the second time.

Entry #10: "The New Afrikans allied themselves with the more cultured Northern Chicanos" This tells that my people "Northern Chicanos" are above the Scraps. This tells how the Races and gangs are affiliated in prison.

Entry #11: "George Jackson corrected, not killed, corrected three pigs and two Nazis before himself was murdered." This shows the hate for nazis and pigs which I share.

Entry #12: "When y'all get that gat for me come back. But like, right now, I want some pussy and some food. Now if either of y'all some of that I'll stay back here with you, but if not, I'm goin' in the pad to get some." Homeboys can only do so much. Sometimes you need a female.

Entry #13: "When we got back the females were gone. Harv was upset because he thought they deserved pussy for the ride." Females are good but hoes are ungreatful.

Entry #14: "Yo man, bring yo' ass home, to cripville." Crips in county were segregated so when crips from segregation saw crips in the General Population they would yell that at them.

Entry #15: "Burn this Slob." Monster said this when he threw his piss on a blood for burning his jumpsuit.

Entry #16: "Afrikans in the pen will use every excuse they can think of to avoid aiding you in a crisis. They will cite the bible, bad health, the weather, any and everything to get out of having to endure perhaps a little hardship as the expense of your life. We are neglectful like that. But let a Chicano give a distress call and you'll have a hundred of them to deal with.' Entry #17: "I'm a killer not a fighter." This shows that most people are too quick to pick up a strap because they scared of a ass whipping.

Entry #18: "How do you say dog in Kiswahili?" "Mbwa." "Naw that's to hard. People might not never call me no more." This has no meaning in the story but it is funny.

Entry #19: There is no quote. The message in the book is that banging is bad and a dead end. This is the last entry in the book