MRM: Maintenance Resource Management

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Maintenance Resource Management


Maintenance Resource Management

Report for SF320


This report provides an overview of the concept of Maintenance Resource Management (MRM) used in the aviation community today. Section I of the report provides an introduction to MRM, its importance in reducing human factors errors and the history of why it was created. Section II lists statistics of aviation maintenance errors, and why accidents and incidents are more likely to be caused by the actions of humans than by mechanical failure. Section III presents definitions, lists what MRM training programs address and describes five common elements of successful MRM programs. Section IV describes models used in MRM such as PEAR and discusses training methods. The final section summarizes the main points of the paper.


Aviation maintenance in our rapidly changing world is a multifaceted and demanding undertaking. The success of today's aviation maintenance, which is eventually measured by the safe travel of the flying public, depends on clear communication and full cooperation of all team members.

Today's aviation maintenance operations are most successful when maintenance professionals function as fully integrated crews working, communicating, and striving for a common goal. The aviation maintainers described of in past decades will no longer be individuals engaged in independent actions to accomplish a desired outcome. The total safety of the flying community will no doubt increase by improvements to all components of aviation and that includes maintenance.

Over the past decade, the high importance of teamwork and cooperation in the maintenance arena has been widely acknowledged and documented. The consequence has been the materialization of human factors training, Maintenance Resource Management (MRM) programs, and other team-based activities within the aviation maintenance community.

MRM grew from the result of a series of events that drove its development. Just as CRM grew from...