The Muderous Husband.

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The Murderous Husband

There are many ways in which people have believed that they are able to communicate with the spirits, or "the other side." One of them is by what is called "automatic writing." A spirit is supposed to seize control of a person's hand and force them to write out a message. Often it is a message that the writer does not understand.

Another method that is used is a device called the Ouija board. It is a smooth and highly polished board with letter numbers on it. Two people will sit with the board between them, their fingers resting lightly on a small teardrop-shaped, table like object. This is called the planchette. The planchette moves easily over the board. The spirits are supposed to guide it to spell out a message or the answer to a question.

Both of these methods were used in the warning sent to a Toronto woman named Janet Reeno Holden.

She had recently separated from her husband. She and her four-month-old daughter were spending the summer in a large house on the northern shore of Lake Ontario near the resort town of Lakeshore.

Janet had a chauffeur and a maid. But they were local people who were at the house during the day and returned to their homes in the nearby town at night. At night Janet and the baby were alone. And it was very lonely in the rambling and isolated house.

Janet invited her friend, Lucy Lanyard, and her husband to spend a few weeks at the house. Lucy came first. Her husband had some business to attend to and promised to join her in a few days.

Shortly after she arrived, Lucy went to her room to write her husband a letter. She wanted to give him exact directions...