Mutilation By DH Lawrence

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David Herbert Lawrence was born in Nottinghamshire, in 1885. After attending both primary and secondary schools he trained as an elementary school teacher at Nottingham University College. He taught in Croydon from 1908. His first novel, The White Peacock, was published in 1911.

His career as a school teacher was ended by a serious illness at the end of 1911. In 1913 Lawrence published his first book of poetry Sons and Lovers the next year he married the German born Frieda Weekley.

In 1915 Lawrence completed his next book The Rainbow but it was suppressed and for three years he could not find a publisher for Women in Love, which was completed in 1917. After the war Lawrence lived abroad he lived in Sicily, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Mexicon and Mexico. They returned to Europe in 1925. His last novel, Lady Chatterley's Lover, was published in 1928 but was banned in England and America. In 1930 he died in Venice, in the south of France, at the age of forty-four.

Lawrences' poem, "Mutilation" is an Elergy, which is the type of poem a poet writes for someone they loved and revered. The element of grief is always present in these types of poems. In Lawrences poem- Mutilation, he describes the pain of being forcefully removed from his loved one like being mutilated; as though a piece of him has been cut off.

The title, Mutilation is the key symbol of the poem. By using a word such as Mutilation which is defined as, "to have one's limb(s) cut off." Lawrence portrays the feelings he has about being separated from his love.

It is like a part of himself has left his body because he and his love were so close, a quote from his poem give an example of this, "Oh my God, how it aches where she is cut from me!" The poem has no rhyming scheme. It has...