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My most enjoyable moment was when I was at Joey's house, his first word out of his mouth when he got home, was to his mom is "You better not embarrass me!". But his mom had to set him up for him, which was pretty sad. To tell you the truth his mom is cooler then him. Then, when Joey came over my house, the most funniest part was when he begged to stay longer so he can "finish the project", but really he wanted to stay with Veronica. When we went to go shopping for candy Joey was pigging out on everything he saw like candy canes, and he got mad at me for buying them, so he decided to chip in to be part of my Christmas sprit. Also, the part when I got drunk was all a lie except for one part. (Let's not get into this.)

When I was over Ryan's house with Veronica we had the most enjoyable time there, because we went outside to shoot a dog. It was hilarious, no, the dog wasn't hurt. What was really funny was when one ball decides to reflect on the dog to Ryan's butt. He now has a bruise from hurting the dog with the paintball gun.

        My least enjoyable moment was when Joey that I was drunk, but I wasn¡¯t; I was just hyper as always. Mrs. Coley would know you should ask her about me in her class.

To Mrs. Coley: After the real part of the commercial is an extra funny commercial for everyone that wants to watch it for fun. Please do not count off for it.