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I set many goals in my life and still setting more. Three goals I'm hoping to accomplish after I graduate is to maintain a 3.5 GPA at Kings Point, to own a business, and to travel the world. These goals are extremely challenging and will require me to be focused and dedicated to completing them.

With maintaining a 3.5 GPA already I find it extremely challenging because within only three weeks of school, I have only gotten more than five hours sleep on weekends. And within the last three days I have accumulated a total of eight hours of sleep, I can already feel the effects on my schoolwork. Also I made a mistake the first week of school, by not working hard enough in my classes. I still had a high school mentality towards my homework and studying for tests, which caused me to have a rough start. I have now gotten my priorities in order and I again fully set on completing my goals.

I also want to own either a restaurant or fast food franchise. I will sail for about five years put the money I earn into the stock market. If luck is with me I will get a substantial enough return, and I will put a down payment on area where I want the business located. More than likely I will buy a fast food franchise, because they are easier to set up and if the business fails I will only lose the money I spent on it. I am looking towards a McDonald's because they have a better advertising plan, than most other businesses and also their yearly profit margin is more than any other company. I have wanted my own business since I was nine and I will do everything in my ability...