My Healing Dream

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According to Freud, A dream is a (disguised) fulfillment of a (suppressed or repressed) wish. In my opinion however, there is more to dreams. I believe that dreams are also agents that, if interpreted in the right way, could teach us deep secrets and hidden meanings. The latter I have come to learn from personal experience.

It was 3 years ago when I was in 10th grade that my friends and I decided to go to San Francisco for the weekend without adult supervision. We were in search of much needed relaxation [we had recently finished our finals and we needed to unwind.] I remember it was a very nice sunny day. We where enjoying the pleasant climate, not to hot and wasn't to cold either, perfect weather for hanging out. It was an hour-long drive. Scott and I were in one car, Michael and Robert in another. I had just gotten my driving licenses and I was eager to drive.

I remember that on the way, I wanted to race with Robert. Our speed had reached 85 miles/hour. It was as fun as it was dangerous.

Almost halfway to San Francisco, that we got to a very bumpy part of the road. We were still going 55 mile per hour. I was in front of Robert. It was at that time that he tried to pass me. We got side by side. That part of the pavement was broken. It was that time that I hared a very sharp sound, as if a car was slipping on the road. I looked at my side and I didn't see Robert. Scott shouted "Oh my god!" It was Robert that had slipped on the pavement. He had lost control. He hit the Right side of the road pretty badly. I pulled...