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My mind is like a metal chain. The strong links of a chain represent my commitment to the betterment of my mind. A chain is very strong, but it cannot be useful unless it allows a level of flexibility. This flexibility symbolizes my openness to explore the limitless possibilities available to the inquisitive mind. The betterment of my mind is a common necessity.

        One of the common necessities in America is money. There is no way that I can survive without it. Because of this, I treat my mind as I would a bank account. Instead of depositing money into this account, which I refer to as my mind, I deposit knowledge. The more knowledge that I acquire the wealthier I become. This wealth, like money, puts me in a good position to experience the finer things in life. If I go to an ATM and try to withdraw more knowledge than I have in my account, the machine will not allow me to withdraw the total amount that I desire.

I would only be allowed to withdraw the amount of knowledge that has been deposited into my mind. The way I obtain extra knowledge is by opening my mind.

        My mind is like an open parachute floating down from the sky trapping all of the air that it possibly can to ensure me a pleasurable landing. If I do not properly open my parachute, I will be unsuccessful in absorbing the adequate amount of air needed to preserve my life. Likewise, if I don’t open my mind, I will miss out on the things that make life pleasurable.

        By keeping my mind strong like the links of a chair, I am better equipped to deal with the challenges and opportunities that life presents me. The flexibility of the chain permits me to envision the many opportunities and viewpoints that are accessible to me. I keep a strong mind while never forgetting the flexibility required for enjoyable functionality in life.