Nightmare House

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NIGHTMARE HOUSE A man starts to runs down the middle of the street in the middle of the night in search for someone that could help him. He runs as if he were in pain and not thinking straight. His leg limps, as if he could not even move it. He starts running to the entrance of a hospital and lands on the floor. "Doctor I need help, my girlfriend has been""," says Zack before getting interrupted by the doctor. "It's all right kid we will take care of you," said the doctor. "But my girlfriend needs the help. She has been kidnapped." The doctor stares at him as if he had not been feeling well for a while. "Why don't you tell me everything that happened," he lays Zack on the stretcher and examines him. "Well it started in the beginning when me and Julie, my girlfriend, were in art class painting models."

Students in an art class were painting people that would pose for them to sketch for there assignment. "Hey Zack," said Julie," how does my work looking." Zack leans over in his chair and scans through her painting. "It looks good from what I see that you have done," said Zack acting generous to Julie. The art teacher tells the class that famous artist Raven Williams will be coming into the classroom later on in the day to look at the students work. He shows the students some of Mr. Williams's famous abstract art that he has done in the past. Julie takes the paintings from the teacher and stares at the painting in amazement. "His art is very invigorating to me, I like the way he does his colors around the figure." Zack looks at the painting and disagrees with Julie and says, "This is not art, this is just a bunch of different colors thrown on canvas." The doors to the classroom open and the famous artist Raven Williams appears before the students with a friend accompanying him by his side. "Hello students I have come to see what kind of paintings you are working on. I can see that you all have a good talent in your hands, especially you," he looks at Julie. "Your paintings tell me that you love to do this hobby very often and that you take time on your work." "How would you know your paintings look like they've been rushed through and look as if your eyes were not even opened." Raven looks at Zack and his work and says, "Its not about the way it looks, its about what the painting represents." "And what might your paintings represent," Zack adds. "You will have to figure that out on your own," said Raven. Julie asks Raven if she can study from him to make her paintings like his. Raven says yes and the students leave for the night.

"She looks like the one I have been searching for," Raven says to his sideman, "get her and bring her to my house. I must have that face." When Julie returns to her house and says goodnight to Zack she gets ready for bed after feeding her cat and playing with it for a few minutes. She slips into bed along with her cat and falls right to sleep. Meanwhile a man walks towards Julies house and sneaks to one of the windows on the front of the house and slides it open. "Who's there?" Julie asks loudly and hears no response and goes back to sleep.

The man walks up the stairs with the cat rubbing against his legs getting in the way. He cracks open Julies bedroom door and sees her in her bed. The cat meows and Julie hears it and wakes up to pick it up but sees the man in her room. Julie starts to scream at the top of her lungs but the man holds her mouth shut and struggles her out of her bed and takes her downstairs and out the front door leaving it open behind him. The cat follows the man and Julie to where he takes her.

While Zack reaches the end f the neighborhood he realizes that Julie has his sketchbook of his drawings and returns to Julies house to retrieve it. When Zack reaches her house he sees the front door wide open and dashes inside the house. "Julie, Julie where are you." He goes upstairs and sees that she is nowhere to be found. In his mind he thinks of people who had done this and the first person to come into mind is Raven Williams because of the way he looked at her and talked to her in art class.

Meanwhile at Ravens house he sets Julie on the table and straps her down getting her ready for operation. He gives her some anesthetic and waits for her to fall into a deep sleep. Raven then begins to work on her face turning it into abstract art.

Zack approaches Ravens house and bangs on the front door. His house is tall and very wide with twelve windows filling the front of his house. Painted with white colors and beige. Raven answers the door and asks why that he would be at his house banging on his door at this time of night. "Where is Julie, where are you hiding her?" Raven looks at Zack as he wants him to go away and replies, "I do not know what you are talking about please leave my property in peace." Zack looks down at Ravens feet and sees Julies cat rubbing against him. "OK I must be out of my mind I am leaving now." The door closes and Zack waits by his house and decides to sneak into his house and walk up the stairs. He opens doors and calls out Julies name demanding a response. He opens a door and finds Julie standing in the room staring at the wall so that Zack cannot see her face. Zack grabs Julies arm and tells her to get out of the house. "No I can not leave I am not fit for the world anymore." Zack turns her around and sees her face. "My god what have they done to you." The door opens to the room and Ravens sideman knocks him out with a bat and drags him to the operating room. The man straps him down on the table and Raven gives Zack some anesthetic and leaves the room to wait for him to fall asleep.

After five minutes Julie comes to Zacks aid and unstraps him from the table and tells him to get out. "Julie I will come back with help to save you. I will be back for you Julie." He runs out the house limping as if his leg could not even work and running down the middle of the street. He sees a hospital and runs in and falls down on the ground.

"And that's how I got her doctor no you have to help me save Julie." "I don't think I believe the story sir just rest here and I will return." Said the doctor. "No I must leave," says Zack and he gets off the stretcher and opens the door and runs back to Ravens house.

"Guard stop him, get him back here now he is very ill." The doctor said to the security officer. The officer runs after him trying to catch up to him.

Zack gets to the house once more and opens the door and sees nobody around in the house. He looks in every room and finds nothing or anyone in the house. He starts to wonder around the house downstairs and cries to himself on the inside and sees Julies cat on the floor walking toward him. Zack picks the cat up.

"Turn around sir and lets go back to the hospital you need some medical help", the guard said to Zack. He had caught up with Zack to bring him back to the hospital to get some medical attention and maybe even a psychologist being the way he has acted in the hospital telling a story no one believed.

Zack pets the cat a couple of times and turns around and faces the officer. Zacks face has been abstracted in the house of Raven Williams. The door to the house shuts and the lights go out with both guys inside.