The Old Man And The Sea

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THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA INTRODUCTION We lose-because we win- Gamblers-recollecting which Toss their dice again! Emily Dickinson In most of the people's lives, from beginning to the end, there is always something to struggle with. For example, during our school years, we have to study for our lessons to get high marks. Consequently, sometimes we get high marks or vice versa. The important thing is no matter what our marks are we never stop studying. There may be also some people who stop studying. However, this does not mean that they completely stop struggling. This means that they prefer to go on their struggle in a different field. Similar to this, we also face problems during our business lives. Sometimes we are able to solve our problems, but we never stop working. In short, there may be always some bad days in which we are not able to do our tasks because of some problems we face, but this does not mean that we are defeated by these tasks as there is always a next day in which we can solve our problems.

There is a theory, which is called "˜Dualism' in philosophy. As a metaphysical theory, dualism states that the world is made up of two elemental categories, which are incommensurable. This includes distinctions between mind and body, good and evil, universal and particular. Dualism contends you must have both of the two components in question, rather than one or the other. Therefore, life contains both successfulness and unsuccessfulness, which are incommensurable.

There is a kind of dualism in The Old Man and the Sea: A man is destroyed, but not defeated or vice versa. In this paper, I try to explain this dualism by giving some quotations from the story and explain their functions...