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Using the Principle of Operating Management to reactive a firm:A case study of WH Smith


"WHSmith intends to build on its position as the UK's most popular bookseller, stationer and newsagent by continuing to grow its strongly performing Travel business and delivering its High Street plan. We aim to improve the Company's profitability and cash flow generation, delivering sustainable returns to shareholders."(WH Smith,PLC)

"WH Smith PLC is one of the UK's leading retailers and is made up of two core businesses - Travel and High Street.The Travel business operates 673 units, mainly in airports, railway stations, motorway service areas, hospitals and workplaces, primarily in the UK. Travel stores sell a more tailored range of products than High Street stores to cater for people on the move or in need of a convenience offer."(WH Smith PLC)

Task 1


Operation management is the company corporate area of managing,designing and tracking different process.

All these process are inter-related activities in which materials,capital,labor are transformed into products and services.

Joseph G.Monks defines Operations Management as "the process where resources, flowing within a defined system, are combined and transformed by a controlled manner to add value in accordance with policies communicated by management."

Operation Management is an important area of management concerned with the way organisations produce and distribute products and services.It has the responsibility of ensuring that company's operations are efficient in using his resources and meeting the customers requirements.

WH Smith operation manager is a successful agent who has a visionary leadership style and good thinking abilities and always bringhing other employess with him. Operation Management handle the operation,design and improve the systems that create and deliver the company's products and services. Like finance and marketing,Operation Management is a functional area of the business with clear...