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In the following paper, we will discuss the motivational policies of Technical Fibre Products (TFP). We will also discuss the three theories of motivation, Maslow's theory, Aldfer's theory, Herzberg's theory, and the theory of acquired needs. These theories are different from each other in many ways but are also the same in just as many. There is usually never a single motivational practice used, but many different ones used in a combination to best serve a companies purpose. We will compare these theories to the actual practice of motivation at Technical Fibre Products. We feel that these findings will support the idea of a combination of theories is being used, and that there is also always room for motivational technique expansion.

Motivational Process Paper

The use of these three motivation theories within Technical Fibre Products has help to build a strong group of employees to work together. Because they use different theories of motivation within their company, it has brought a balance when dealing with different individuals.

Technical Fibre Products

Technical Fibre Products was established in 1986 by James Cropper, which is owned subordinate by James Cropper PLC. James Cropper PLC is a specialist paper manufacturer that was founded in 1845. Technical Fibre Products makes non-woven products such as carbon, aramid, ceramic and glass for the industrial markets. Technical Fibre Products main office is located in United Kingdom Cumbria which has other branches that are located in Newburgh, and New York which serve the western hemisphere. Their company products are also use within various fields across the world.

The goals of this company are to keep a surrounding that will entice anyone that comes in contact with them. Motivating their clients from within and outside the company has caused their organization to endeavor for the best that their customer...