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There are several concepts used within organizations to help build an effective organized setting, not just for managers but for all who work within or around an organized setting. The key concepts in any organization are; Organizational behavior, Organizational culture, Diversity, Communication, Organizational effectiveness and efficiency, and Organizational learning. When these concepts are applied they will provide an understanding of respect for people and of human behavior in complex organizational systems which can allow for success in any work setting.

Organizational Behavior (OB) is the study of individuals and their behavior within an organization. OB is an interdisciplinary field that consists of sociology, psychology, communication, and management. OB is a field of systematic study that works to understand, explain, predict, and change human behavior as it occurs in the organizational setting. OB studies the behavior of people as individuals and as members of groups and organizations. In my current workplace OB is not in place.

The company I work for is family owned and has yet to apply an organized setting. The owners and managers set the rules of how employees should behave but do not apply these rules themselves. One example showing how OB is not put in place by managers is when the employees were told that we are not allowed to sit while working at the cash register, until one day the manager decided to sit while working, which gave all of us employees the impression that if the manager can sit than so can we. This is just one example showing how OB has not been used effectively within my work place. Had OB been applied and followed thru by the managers than I am sure that OB could have been effective in our organization. Knowing about OB can help develop a better work-related understanding...