Organizational Trends

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Organizational Trends Discussion

What changes have been made in organizational trends? This essay will explore organizational trends in high-performance workplaces and organizations. The essay will discuss the characteristics of high-performance workplaces and organizations, how they differ from traditional organizations, their operational effectiveness, workplace stress and organizational dynamics. Included will be stress management, organizational behavior trends and how it relates to high-performance workplaces and stress management techniques.

Describe the characteristics of high-performance workplaces and organizations.

The characteristics of a high-performance workplace are technology, process management and leadership combined that show how to make the employees more valuable to the organization. The high-performance workplace strives to bring out the best in their employees and sustain high levels of performance from them. Many managers will achieve higher success rates for themselves because of the higher performance that their employees will give. High-performance workplace is flatter and less of a hierarchical organizational structure. They are willing to adopt new working practices and emphasize employees, have the employees trust them, communicate with them and also give the employees knowledge to help within the organization toward success.

The high-performance workplace is also able to adapt to changes in the business environment and in the quality of working life. Many businesses today will have a harder time at success if they are not a high-performance workplace.

High-Performance vs. Traditional Organizations

High-performance workplaces are our primary present and future. They are efficient, money-making machines. As profitable as high performance workplaces are, they lack something that some traditional organizations possess-personal relations. In terms of operational effectiveness, high-performance workplaces are trained to cut down on cost while increasing profit, thus making them more profitable. However, that is not to say traditional organizations are not profitable. There is no disputing there will be workplace stress wherever anyone goes. However, with a...