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The business world is in constant change, as companies expand and the customers' needs grow so does the need to efficient management teams. Managers and Human Resource managers work together as a team to carry out the four functions of management. The four functions of management include planning, organizing, leading and controlling (Husch, 2008).

The most important function of management is the organizing function; all business operates using organizational structures to conduct business professionally, in order to run a successful business organization is essential. There are four types of organization structures that business use and they are functional organization, divisional organization, matrix organization, and network organization.

Large varieties of businesses have one goal in common; which is running business efficiently and successfully. Many businesses regardless of the type of organized structures divide themselves into operational divisions that are related to functions of management, and organized structure are production, marketing, finance and human resources (Business, 2008).

I work for a corporation that has divided into operational divisions that include departments like data entry, production, marketing, finance and human resources. Each department uses the divisional organization to run each department separately. Each department work for themselves except for human resource because they hire for all department, my company has what you call departments within departments for instance, the production department, the pharmacy is broke down into several departments; shipping and receiving, manual pick, packing, cold pack, narcotics cage, and inventory.

If an employee wants to go to a department within a department, you actually need to fill out an internal application. The divisional organization structure when compared to the other organizational structures is not a strong organizational structure, nor is it popular.

As a company grows becomes diversified, (Bateman & Snell 2007) the management teams discover that functional department experience difficulty-managing...