Paint no Illusion/ a suspense short story aimed to copy edgar allan poe's style

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Summer Watters was beautiful beyond imagination. Ravishing as she looked, what really set Summer apart was her academic and social status. She was very intelligent to the extent that she was 2 years ahead of her age group - already a senior and just approaching her 16th birthday. Not only was she the youngest in her class, but also the brightest and most serious about her studies. She didn't have to be serious, mind you, with looks such as hers, one could obtain anything, but she was serious and very much so. Summer was strong not just academically but in almost every other thing that one could imagine. She was the captain of the school's basketball and swimming teams, despite her age, the best at both of these fields. She was the president of the school's student council and also a distinguished member of both the science and community-service clubs.

Most importantly, she was a polite and well-mannered girl, who everyone agreed exuded animation and delight everywhere she went.

Her parents, John and Sylvia couldn't be prouder, but their happiness was stained by one flaw in Summer, she absolutely detested being alone. So much so, that it had developed almost to the level of a pathological phobia. During the day, Summer would have to be accompanied by a group of friends at school, and then would be picked up by her mother. At night, her parents would keep her company till late in the night whilst she made the final touches on her homework, and then her father would patiently wait until Summer fell asleep, before going to bed himself. Summer would be met first thing in the morning by her mother, ready to advise her on what to wear and other feminine subjects of matter.

Nobody, not even Summer,