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Forensic Science: Solving the Mystery

Did you ever wonder who solves those impossible cases you have seen on T.V.?

Well, surprisingly it is not the police officers, at least most of the time. It is Scientists. They study a science called Forensic Science. A reporter from UXL Science states, "Forensic science is the application of science to matters of law." ("Forensic" 1 of 3). So, they take evidence and help out the police.

The first part of Forensic Science is the history of it. A reporter from "The History of Forensic Science" reports, "Forensic Science can be traced back to fingerprints in cave drawings around 700B.C." ("History" 1 of 3). There were no real places of education until the 1900's. As "The History of Forensic Science" confirms, "In 1948, the American Academy of Forensic Science was created" ("History" 1 of 3). The first American Forensic science Academy was not in America until 1948.

The history of Forensic Science is not appealing to most, but it is important.

The most important in people's eyes is the methods. There are several methods of Forensic Science. The first and probably the most important is probably fingerprints. As UXL Science states, "Fingerprints remain one of the most sought after pieces of evidence" ("Forensic" 1 of 3). Another method is Autopsy. As UXL Science reports, "An autopsy can often establish the cause and approximate time of death" ("Forensic" 2 of 3). So, you see there are many methods of Forensic Science.

The last point of Forensic Science is the places of it. There are not a vast number of places of Forensic Science. The first, being the most obvious, is the police station. Souccar reports, "When top law enforcement officers want to find recruits, their first stop is John Jay College of Criminal Justice" (Souccar 1 of 3). There are many places to get professionals. There are a vast majority of different schools and training camps. As Souccar claims, "Besides being the country's only liberal arts college devoted only to criminal justice, John Jay has became a leader to push professionalism in policing" (Souccar 1 of 3).

Forensic Science is very important according to many magazines. There are many types of Forensic Science, including fingerprinting and autopsies. There is a long and extensive history of Forensic Science that started long before our generation. There are many places to study Forensic Science in America, because it started long ago in America. Forensic Science uses its many methods, long history and many places to lead the investigation of crimes with science.