The Pearl

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It all started when a baby Indian named Coyotito was stung by a scorpion. His parents, Keno and Juana, rushed him to see the Spanish doctor. However because the Indians were poor, the doctor would not treat Coyotito for the scorpion?s sting. To help pay for Coyotito?s treatments, Keno and Juana looked for the ?Great Pearl? in the ocean because it was extremely valuable. They found the pearl inside an oyster, it was humongous! Everyone heard about what they had found. That night, the doctor arrived at Keno and Juana?s house, to treat Coyotito. After the doctor left, a thief tried to steal the pearl but Keno killed him. Keno took the ?Great Peal? to the ?Pearl Buyers? to sell it, but because Keno is an Indian the Pearl Buyers think he knows nothing about pearls. The Pearl Buyers try to cheat Keno by trying to buy it at a very low price.

Keno wouldn?t sell it to them and was about to get ready to go to the city when two people attacked him. Keno killed both of them to protect himself. Because he killed these people, he fled with his family to try to get to the city before the trackers found him. When the trackers eventually caught up with him it was dark out. Two of the trackers were sleeping, so Keno decided to try to kill them to protect him and his family. While Keno was climbing down the rocks Coyotito started to cry. One of the trackers thought it was a baby coyote so he shot in that direction. Keno quickly attacked and killed all of the trackers before they could shot their guns again. When he went back to where Juana was hiding he saw that she was crying with Coyotito in her hands. Coyotito was dead. They returned to their village and threw the pearl back into the ocean and tried to live a normal life.