Performance Management

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Performance evaluation can be used to help the agency carry out its mission if done effectively. This should serve as an internal joint communication tool. Like in Difficult Conversations, it has to be conveyed with coherency, as it relays to the agency how well the agency's plans and procedures are utilized in meeting its overall mission. This aspect of the job is not only beneficial to the organization but also important to the employee, as the evaluation can determine employee advancement, retention, and whether the employee has the KSAOCs to be efficient. This should be more reason why managers should ensure the evaluation is accurate and provides feedback so that they are guided as to areas in need of improvement. Part of the manager's communication must also revolved around recognizing strengths and quality performance among valued workers, in order to have an open dialogue.

The joint communication is the key to encourage contribution.

According to Difficult Conversations, it is critical to focus on the contribution of both the boss and the assistant in seeking understanding rather than judgment. This idea appears to be more productive and allows for easier conversations, two -way learning, and exploration of questions from all parties involved. When questions are asked while limiting judgments, people are more likely to open up and share their feelings. This may help keep the organization's objectives in focus, while getting the best out of the employee. However if the employee feels that she/he was is unfairly evaluated, then morale often is low and blaming becomes as issue. Take for example an employee who believes that she puts in just as much effort in her work as her coworker who calls out consistently. She feels that her evaluation was poor because everyone knows that she speaks up and advocate...