Performing Total Quality Management Surveys

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Quality Management and Productivity - MGT/449IntroductionI would like to choose the following three sectors for my organizational research. Manufacturing, I would like to reference Armstrong World Industries. Then I would like to look at a Non-profit organization called Virtua Health Care and for the last one I would like to use Government, specifically the United States Air Force. Strategic processes around the nation do not really address, incorporate or model the effects of quality on their work processes. Rather, quality is treated as being part of operations as distinct from strategy. Similarly, many quality processes are introduced only at the ''continuous improvement'' level focusing on small-scale changes. Thus, it becomes difficult to develop and coordinate strategy and quality processes at the production line level.

The aim of this paper is to explore the relationship to customer satisfaction, while including an accurate description of the need for customer driven quality at each of the organizations.

Lastly, I will include a matrix that will outline the differences between the strategic role of TQM in each of the organizations that I have chosen and assess the importance of leadership roles in each of those organizations as it relates to quality. The findings, as you will see indicates that each of the organizations have interrelated quality issues that are greatly impacted by proactive leadership in each of those organizations.

Value of quality in relationship to customer satisfactionOrganization #1Armstrong Wood Products - ManufacturingCompetitive market pressures and economic decline of raw material have forced Armstrong World Industries and other forest product companies to continually improve the quality of manufactured products. So, in saying that, the market demand when married to the economic lack of natural resources will also compel all forest product industries to re-examine inadequate, wasteful and inefficient manufacturing processes. The quality movement, which...