Personal Perspective Paper

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Personal Perspective Paper

University of Phoenix

Foundations of Problem-Based Learning


Patricia A. D'Urso

September 12, 2007�



Personal Perspective Paper

The Decision to Pursue an MBA

"As the demand for candidates with an MBA degree outpaces the supply, students are better able to negotiate deals in the job market. But Lucinda Wright, director of Michigan State's MBA career services center, says the most important negotiation is not for more money; it is bargaining for tasks graduates will perform on the job." (Business Week Online, 2007�)

Having a master's degree can open many doors for anyone possessing one because this shows that he or she has the knowledge to be able to resolve most business problems. Businesses today know that students who have earned an MBA possess the skills, training and knowledge that will allow them to research and seek solutions to even the tough problems.

As a child growing up, I have always loved numbers, solving problems and anything that allowed me to use the two skills together. For this reason, I have had many jobs working in the accounting field with a dream of one day opening or directing a business. My level of professional competence in problem solving was what one would call 'average.' I knew nothing about the critical thinking necessary to find the best solutions to the problems. After taking many courses through the University of Phoenix and obtaining my bachelor's degree, I have proven to myself that I not only have the training and knowledge that would allow me to use critical thinking correctly, I also need to put my new traits to use in the business world. Understanding that business operations requires more than critical thinking, I...