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We all have sets of values that determine our decisions. Our values reside deeply within the subconscious and are closely related to our day to day life, determining the way we behave in regards to friends, employment, family and all kind of relationships. We start assimilating our set of values during childhood through influences received from parents, friends, teachers, mentors, etc. In later years, life experiences and analytic processes make us trade them off constantly.

My name is Lorena Mejia. I am the oldest of three siblings, product of a catholic marriage, where family, love and compassion have always been a priority. I received strong reinforcement of respect for individuals, integrity, honesty and hard work from my father. My mother on the other hand, always showed a strong sense of practicality, concern for others, continuous self improvement and accomplishment. As a kid, and as a result from the natural acculturation process, I learned that my family should always be considered a priority in my life and that work should always be considered as a moral obligation rather than just a vehicle to fulfill financial needs.

I attended a German catholic school for twelve years, where I completed my elementary, middle and high school education. Being immersed in a catholic environment, values of respect and love for God and His creation were incorporated to my personal structure. Growing up, it was common to see myself working for the community, helping people in need and showing solidarity to everybody. I was also taught to show others that human dignity should always be protected as a way to achieve a healthy community, which only happens when human rights are protected and responsibilities are met. Every single day of my student life, I was strongly reminded, that "every person has a fundamental right to...