Personal Values Development Paper

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Personal Values Development Paper

Jamila Lewis

University of Phoenix

PHL323 - Ethics in Management

Facilitator: Melinda Cunningham

July 5, 2010

Personal Values Development

The term "values" can mean many different things in several different contexts. Values are not developed overnight, and are much easier developed than changed. They are deeply held beliefs that can stabilize ones personal and professional life. Every choice one makes and every decision ever regretted comes back to a set of many primary beliefs that many people refer to as ones personal values. Personal values set the tone and direction for one's life and for the decision making process. This world is made up of many different cultures, all with their own set of morals and values. What may be the norm to one group of individuals may not be the norm for others. "Children and young adults develop moral judgment through a complex process of social interaction with peers, parents, and other significant persons, and this development continues at least through young adulthood" (Trevino and Nelson, 2007, p.

12). Personal convictions form the most effective basis for moral and ethical behavior. "Although we've seen that internal factors such as individual moral development are important, we know that for most people ethical conduct depends, to a large extent, on external factors such as the rules of the work context, the reward system, what peers are doing, what authority figures expect, the roles people are asked to play, and more" (Trevino and Nelson, 2007, p. 179).

People are guided by their personal value systems and most behave ethically because it is the "right" thing to do. Even though outside influences may play a major role in personal values, much of ones values are determined by ones own internal perception. Ones values...