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ESSAY QUESTION: 'Perspectives'

Our perspective is a product of our social and personal background. Discuss.

In your answer, include what you have learnt about perspectives and how the composers have created meaning in their texts.

In your essay, refer to your main text, one item from the changing booklet and two related texts.

A perspective is a point of view or a way of seeing the world. Everyone has a perspective. It is true that our perspective is a product of our social and personal background. This can be seen through the character Josephine Alibrandi in the novel Looking for Alibrandi which composed by Melina Marchetta and the girl called Hannah Robert in the short story Sky-high It also can be seen through the feature article named The secret of Suzuki which composed by Jane Cadzow and the lyric of the song Father and son composed by Cat Stevens.

The novel, Looking for Alibrandi composed by Melina Marchetta is a very good example of different perspectives and how they are shaped.

The main character Josephine Alibrandi's perspective of the world is a product of her social and personal background. Josie's perspective is influenced by her social background. Josie loves her mother, but she does not want to live a life like her. She wants more control over herself and she also wants a higher social status. At her exclusive private school, Josie feels that she is an outsider; she also perceives that her peers at school look down on her because she does not have a father. After the event of the walk-a-thon, her confrontation with Sister Louise the next day is the turning point of her life:

'I was wrong, I thought to myself. I honestly believed it. Not because Sister Louise told me or because she made me...