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Education is meant to ensure success or at least understanding of the world that we live in. Everyone should be prepared for a job or how to work outside. In order to do that we should understand the world. By going to school, we learn how the world works. Those who are starting a school-to-work program in which students are taught topics that will apply to their future jobs and have the option to test working in their preferred work environment would be a wise choice for our school district, benefiting both the students and the future working world. Of course, however, certain conditions would have to exist in order for such a program to be successful.

Being successful is something most people want and desire. Planning ahead after Secondary School is hard, because I have to think about it very well, and to put at least two plans just in case one of them did not work.

What I am planning ahead is applying for a college and thinking of the course or diploma I will apply for. The college that I already applied for is Fanshawe College, and my plan "B" college that I applied for is George Brown Toronto's college. The Courses that I am interested in is "Multi Media Design and production", and my plan "B "course that I chose is "Game Design" in George Brown Toronto's college.

Firstly, I applied for Fanshawe Collage and chose the "Multi Media Design and production". A Two Year Ontario College Diploma Program .This program is designed to create and prepare multimedia products for the interactive education and training, advertising and marketing, and entertainment industries. Using skills acquired in this program, I will be able to apply multimedia technology to assemble graphics, text, sound and video into...