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It was a gorgeous summer morning as I, my brother David, sister

Marcia, mom, dad, and baby girl were traveling home to Laramie from

Colorado Springs where we had gone to visit my grandma. The atmosphere

in the car was fun and filled with laughter. We were glad to be together. Our

chatter was constant and our conversations often overlapped. One learned

young that if you want to be heard in my family, you must merely speak

louder than everyone else. Or, you might simply say, 'Would you please shut

up for a minute so I can say something important?' We all understood that

such a plain and politely spoken command was not meant to be offensive or

at all disrespectful.

We were a bit louder than usual that morning as we had great plans for

the day. Since we had to travel through Denver, we all agreed that we should

eat at a nice restaurant and then go to the zoo where we could eat some more

and see the animals then probably eat some more.

Daddy was a bit tense and growly, his usual demeanor when traffic

was thick as it was on that Friday morning. 'Everyone and their Grandma is

on this one road to Denver,' he grumbled. My Daddy is claustrophobic. He

hates traffic which is the main reason I think we moved long ago to

Wyoming, the land of wide-open spaces. 'You can drive more than a

hundred miles on a Wyoming highway without seeing another car,' Daddy

would often brag.

That was not the case, however, in Colorado. The cars were lined up

one after another, traveling 75 miles per hour, to the horizon and beyond. We

passengers paid scant attention to the outside world as we were involved in a

thought-provoking discussion...