A poem about drugs named "you light up a fag"

Essay by brads1988 March 2005

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You light up a fag

And take a few drags

You drink a keg of beer

Thinking I've got nothing to fear

It's not enough so you start to mope

Until one of your friends suggest you try dope

It's all going great until you get busted by your mum

But you just tell her you're just having some fun

After a few years, you try cocaine

And soon after open up a vein

After a few trips you start getting hooked

It's not long until you get booked

You need a hit bad

So much you think you'll go mad

In a way you kinda are

You quit your job and sell your car

Every second word is a lie

Just so you can get high

Its not enough

You need more of the stuff

You keep on going

Obviously not knowing

That you are going to die