A poem about a elephant

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Ralph the Elephant

If he always travels at his own pace,

It is certain that he will never win a race.

He likes to jump in the water and play,

He might just be in there all of the day.

Don't get him mad or he might just charge,

You can see him from a distance because he is very large.

He leaves big footprints in the ground,

As he walks around and around and around.

Watch out, or he'll squish you with his feet,

As he walks to the waterhole in the scorching heat.

His big ears fall down by his side,

As he flops them back and forth to keep off the annoying flies.

He eats the leaves off the all the trees,

And plays in all the waterholes he sees.

He is big and gray and kind of loud,

He has a round belly and stands tall and proud.

With his trunk, he squirts water on himself,

Oh, and by the way his name is Ralph.