Poem: Salvation

Essay by grapey666 September 2004

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When my time comes again,

I'll be ready once more.

Hope there won't be more pain,

Wish it won't turn out in another useless bore!

I wish of a place of better time,

Useless were the people I knew,

Where the bells, they chime,

I'll try to start anew.

Forgive my eternal sacrifice,

But by God it's living in paradise.

Feels as if my feelings are gripping me in a vice,

But it never turns out nice.

But I am becoming...

Dreadful and strong, beyond words of wrong.

I have Became..

My evils are always good and strong.

Of all the deeds I did,

I mostly regret,

Not being part of the becoming,

As everyone else thought I did.

Salvation from this foolish God's creation,

Living within a fool's nation,

Living Hell, my other disgration,

Awaiting countdown to annihilation!!

Praying for Salvation...