Poem: Tell me what you See

Essay by grapey666 September 2004

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"Out from a shroud of darkness you appear,

Your warm expressions push away all my fear,

I ask you to come and sit with me for a while,

You kiss my lips softly and smile,

I taste your blood on my lip,

I taste your life with just one sip,

What will I do with this pain of mine,

You hold me close and tell me everything will be fine,

I look deeply into your eyes,

I see your soul, I try and touch it, my heart cries,

The door shuts on my hand,

The tears flow from my eyes like grains of sand,

I want to hold you tonight,

When I'm with you everything feels right,

You dry my tears,

and comfort my fears,

When I tell you that I care,

I can see something in your stare,

When you look at me,

Would you really tell me what you see,

Tell me what you feel,

Let me know that this is real,

I open my heart to you,

Hoping you will make it new,

Tell me what you feel,

Let me know that this is real...