This is a poem written in iambic petameter mocking the cantabery tales we read in class

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A long long time ago there was a man

He was known near and far as hunter Dan

His age was twenty six or twenty four

He had friends his love and needed no more

His right hand man had forever been there

The love of women and hunting they shared

With their heads filled big they walked around town

Fighting any competition they found

They'd go out to drink and hang with the guys

Partying hard until the sun would rise

Together they played the women they met

On who got how far and how fast, they'd bet

A grade up to nine they would give each one

But to receive a ten has not been done

He'd treat them as well as he could afford

Day after day before he grew bored

To find one who's stature compared to him

Seemed too great a task with chances to slim

But unexpectedly Dan met his match

He knew this was no ordinary catch

He saw her one night at the local bar

And studied her ev'ry move from afar

For the first time, he may have found a ten

He would even pay a couple of yen

Her radiance shined through her quaint smile

Fixated on her he stared for a while

Oblivious to her reputation

She was much more notorious than him

All kinds of men would bow down at her feet

She would lead them on with lies and deceit

It's obvious the power she possessed

Was only due to the size of her breasts

Her name was Eve, she was perused by all

She had even been sought out by Prince Paul

When loathed by women of envy and spite

She would flirt with their men with much delight

As Dan prepped his game and walked...