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Kids Who Are Different Theme: All kids and how they are different and are unique Structure: There are 5 lines in each stanza. In each stanza the first line doesn't rhyme with anything and then the next line rhymes with the last line and the middle lines rhyme with each other.

Image: The image the poem makes is kids that are different in many ways, and how kids are usually are How it reflects "Childhood": Its talking about characteristics of kids and how they are.

Its Tough to Be a Teenager Theme: What teenagers go through in their difficult period of their life.

Structure: There are 2 lines in each stanza and they both rhymes with each other.

Image: The image the poem makes is how teenagers are, with their likes and dislikes and how teenagers act.

How it reflects "Youth": Its talking about the problems teenagers face in this period of their life, and how it's overwhelming The Path Not Taken Theme: The person chose the path that was not the easy way through life and that they did not regret it, though he thought of how'd it would have been if they took the other way.

Structure: In each stanza there is 5 lines. The first, third and fourth lines all rhyme with each other, and the second and fifth rhyme with each other.

Image: Of an adult choosing which path to take in life with two possible outcomes.

How it reflects "Age": It reflects Age because it is showing how this person chose one path in life that he has token and looking back at what it would have been if he chose the other way.

New Life Theme: A person looking back at their life, and how its different from now. And how the person's life thought at the start was bad, turns out to be a good life.

Structure: There are 4 lines in each stanza. Each Linerhymes with the next.

Image: The image the poem makes is an old person looking back at his/her life, and the realization that they did have a good life.

How it reflects "Maturity": Its telling about somebody looking back that their whole life, which you can't do until you pretty much lived your life.