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Throughout time education has been considered a process that every so often must be improved. The education quality in Ontario has declined over the years and people have been looking for a way to make improvements. A more recent proposal has been revealed to an alternate school vacation pattern. Some of these patterns give an alternative viewpoint such as creating winter vacation instead of summer or splitting the long vacation into different months. These methods could improve our current pattern or worse. However, our school vacation pattern at the moment could be the same. This situation would cause major confusion for students if the vacation system were to be changed. Therefore, the school vacation pattern should stay as much as it is now to prevent weather issues, family gatherings and job employments.

To begin with, the weather could be a major impact on the attendance of students. If the long vacation was arranged during the winter, most students are lazy enough to stay home, watching television or going on the computer.

Since the weather is cold, nobody wants to go anywhere. Unlike summer vacation, students are able to freely do as they please with nothing to worry about because seeing how it is such a great day, outdoor activities and get-togethers are popular. Students are able to take a wonderful warm vacation instead of having a cold shivering month to pass through. If the winter vacation was applied, afterwards students would have to attend every day of the summer. Consequently, this forces students to arrange vacations during the winter which is difficult because of the temperature and the dangers if some are planning to travel overseas during a stormy winter night.

Secondly, family gatherings deserve a comfortable timing and an appropriate season to be enjoyable. If the long vacation was placed during the winter, many people would feel depressed or not in the mood to celebrate. It would feel extremely pointless to have such a long vacation in a snowy spine-tingling environment. Most activities would have to indoors since it is the only warm place to be.

Lastly, job employment would be a difficult task for applicants and for hiring managers. If the long vacation was split up into different months, for example, between January and July, it would be useless to train a new employer for a month and they would have to return back to school. Moreover part-time jobs would be too short and company managers would have to worry if the new employers are going to return or not. Overall, the school vacation pattern should stay the same as it is now. Vacations should be organized in the most efficient time and length to all citizens as long as they are comfortable.