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By the end of this session, you will be able to describe the roles and types of a change agent by using notes provided to you within 10 minutes.

But before I start, does anyone know why I chose this topic? Anyone? No?

It is because change agent plays a very important role in any organisation that is about to make change. And as you should know, not every change process can meet the expected results. Therefore, a change agent will be a very useful tool to drive successful change within an organisation.

You might have heard about that a change agent is a person who:

-Is willing to take the lead when it comes to changing things

-Involves in facilitating and implementing change

-Constantly searching for new ways to make change happen

Does anyone know what change agents do and what their roles are?

There are some typical roles of change agents:

-Set clear goal for change process

-Improve organisational performance and effectiveness through diagnosis and interventions

-Motivate others to embrace change

-Overcome obstacles or problems that may cause failure in the change process e.g.

resistance, cost

As you know, change agent can be anyone. It can be you or it can be me. Therefore, there are two types of change agent - internal and external.

Internal change agent is someone who works in an organisation and is almost frequently a leader in a department of an organisation, such as a team leader, a director or a manager.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of an Internal Change Agent.

Advantages are:

-Save time to identify and understand the problems within an organisation because they are already familiar the system within the organisation

-Understand where the barriers might come from e.g. personnel, cost

Disadvantages are:

-Loss of objectivity - strong...