Preventing Workplace Discrimination

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Preventing Workplace Discrimination

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Preventing Workplace Discrimination

Organizations are responsible for a zero-tolerance of discrimination in the workplace. Title VII and many other employment laws enforce this responsibility on organizations and help to make the workplace an equal opportunity for all that is free from hostility or discrimination. This type of environment helps the organization to thrive and become more productive with healthier, happier employees. This paper will review the Preventing Workplace Discrimination simulation (University of Phoenix, 2010) and answer the following questions:

What are some measures a company may take to reasonably accommodate people with disabilities, or those with a known drug abuse problem, and how does the simulation demonstrate these?

Should factors like personality, attitude toward work, and future upward mobility be considered when hiring? Explain why or why not.

How does the simulation demonstrate these?

Can Title VII override the employment environment and conditions detailed in a written employment contract between an employer and an employee? Explain why or why not. How does the simulation demonstrate this? (University of Phoenix, 2010).


An employee with a drug abuse problem is not covered under Title VII or the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In most companies, the use of drugs especially during work hours or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at work is a company policy violation. The violation can lead to immediate termination in an organization. The organization has the responsibility to reasonably protect its employees including from those under the influence of drugs. A reasonable accommodation would be to rehire the employee once the employee has been through rehab and is completely rehabilitated. Once the...