Preventing Workplace Discrimination Simulation

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Workplace discrimination is a serious issue. Laws and codes making illegal to discriminate are strictly enforced and business must ensure that they are within these guidelines. There are many things businesses can do to prevent discrimination against people with disabilities, drug problems and gender. Many things are also considered when hiring employees and signing contracts based on Title VII.

Discrimination against handicap people is illegal. Workforces can do a variety of things to ensure they are abiding by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Employers should ensure that every step, from hiring to firing a disabled employee is done within the legal limits. An employer should ensure that their advertisement for a position is not discriminatory by nature. The initial application should be free of questions that ask about disabilities so there can be no bias when choosing an employee. Special training programs can be implemented for interviewers as to not ask questions of a discriminatory basis.

Once the employee is hired, modifications to offices to make things easier for the employee and also training for managers to ensure the environment is free from discrimination and fully supports the new employee to feel comfortable and able to complete his tasks (Bennett-Alexander, Hartman). In the scenario, the advertisement was not sensitive to the disabled community stating you must be, "nimble on your feet" andThe Americans with Disabilities Act also protects employees and applicants with alcohol or drug abuse issues. If an issue arises due to a disability, all regulations for disabled employees must be followed. The employers should not ask about specific disabilities to applicants and interviewees before the have been offered a job. If an employee develops a drug or alcohol addiction, the employer can offer to hold the position until the employee has completed a rehabilitation program. The employer...