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Riordan is a global manufacturer of plastic parts. The company has recently become ISO 9000 certified, implemented six sigma, a new CRM system, and a team approach to sales. Profits are unsteady and sales are in a two-year decline. Employee dissatisfaction is growing at an alarming rate. Citing dissonance between the rewards and performance requirements, employees are uncertain and the turnover rate has increased.Riordan Manufacturing Corporation is under pressure to revamp HR practices to boost employee morale and retain employees. This paper applies the technique of the nine step model to benchmark solutions to problems existing in Riordan Manufacturing Corporation. Research focuses on HR strategies on employee motivation and rewards. Each solution was substantiated by details and took into account all stakeholder perspectives. Risks associated with solutions are also identified and mitigation plans are proposed. Based on the research conducted, it is recommended that human resources at Riordan Manufacturing Corporation should take immediate actions to help the organization and improve organization effectiveness by building a high performance workforce.

Riordan Manufacturing must identify the underlying problems and find solutions to motivate employees and reverse the decline. Compounding the problem is the fact that the employees are from three different generations, with differing values and motivations. Riordan must develop incentives that will be perceived as fair, equitable, and encourage employee development.

Situation AnalysisIssue and Opportunity IdentificationThe issues facing Riordan are both internal and external. External issues include the ISO 9000 certification, the multi-generational workforce and the threat of competitors hiring dissatisfied employees with proprietary knowledge. Internal issues include declining sales, declining employee satisfaction, changes in processes, turnover, loss of skills, and employee uncertainty about the company's vision and where they fit in.

The external issues affect the environment in which the company operates. ISO 9000 certification has become a requirement for...