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When thinking about Public Relations (PR) the first thing that comes to mind is publicity and communications. This report will attempt to define Public Relations based on a personal definition as well as from other outside sources. Public Relations is more complex than it appears. There area many different types of jobs associated with PR. Furthermore, each job title comes with a different job description. This report will also compare and contrast the three given definitions, as well as a personal definition, in an attempt to explain why the PR field is so difficult to define.

Definitions of Public RelationsThe definition provided for public relations by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is "Public Relations helps an organization and its public adapt mutually to each other" (n.d.). According the textbook for this course, "Public Relations is a planned process to influence public opinion, through sound character and proper performance, based on mutually satisfactory two-way communication" (F.

P. Seitel, 2004). The third definition, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica Article, Public Relations is defined as an "aspect of communications involving the relations between an entity subject to or seeking public attention and the various publics that are or may be interested in it" (2005).

Throughout the course of time, the definition of Public Relations, has adapted itself for many uses. As a result, there is not on set definition for Public Relations to date. Based on the three definitions given above, it is obvious that while the definitions are similar they seemingly vary depending on the source.

Using the three definitions, compiled with personal knowledge of Public Relations, this writer's personal definition is Public Relations is managing a companies or institutions reputation achieved with positive exposure through various media. It is intended to influence public opinion in the companies or institutions...