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Good reading strategies help you to read in a very efficient way. Using them, you will get the most benefit from your reading. Today I would like to compare my friend's reading strategies and my reading strategies.

Kam is my college classmate. She likes to read. She likes nonfiction books and didactic books which can teach you a lesson. Psychology books and sociology books are her favorites because they teach you how people think and how our society works. She chooses books by their titles, topics and cover page. If she is interested in that book then she will borrow it or buy it. And she likes to read from the beginning to the end, therefore her reading speed is very slow. While she is reading she uses to write down some important information, author's opinion and draw pictures for more understanding. Sometimes she tries to summarize the main idea of the book but depends on what kind of books she reads.

The most sources of information she relies on are Internet and library. Internet is a very useful and fast tool. She can just type the main keys and click search, then those information will come out by list. She goes to library a lot because there so many different type of book for her to choose but it takes her a long time to look for it. Above all are Kam's reading strategies and some of them are similar to me.

I like to read scary novels and science fictions because they are very exciting. I always attracted by the title of books, such as "Ghost in the house" and "Dead On". For those books I would like to read from the beginning to the end. Some books I only read the introduction and the chapter headings. They...