This is on a reason for living. Something so many people seemingly lose, and gain back only by deep insight into other people's ideas.

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Say you were given a challenge. A challenge almost impossible to beat. A goal that burns at your insides, as you struggle to thrust the idea, the question, out of your head. And in the end, you find that you are on a search for a reason, something you can neither see nor hear, and you feel as if you've wasted so much time. You are looking for a reason for living. A reason you are put here on earth, so that you can bear the anguish and depression, you need to know just what you are here for. I will not tell you my ideas on life, I will not quote anyone elses ideas on life, it is something you decide for yourself. One person may say that they don't have a reason for living at all. These people normally are the ones who end up dead in dumpsters or half-naked on street corners.

These people have no reason to keep their dignity or health in mind. These people have no reason to be alive. Another person may say they live for their family. These people will likely turn into obsessive-compulsive, self-destructive, isolated, anti-social personalities. Any reason you come up with for living, is going to be mainly a lot of lies and excuses for why you're here. I suggest if you're looking for a reason now, you've gone too far already. Whatever happens happens, leave it as it is.